Palace Imports Family Mocha Solid Wood Wardrobe




L 60″ x W 22″ x H 72″

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At 60 inches wide, this Family wardrobe is the largest in the Palace Imports’ collection. As the name suggests, it has something to offer for the entire family. Side compartments have clothing rods at the very top allowing long articles of clothing to be hung while the middle section can be used for you shorter pieces. The three drawers can serve as a mini-chest to store your smaller items. To expand the storage capacity one can modify the wardrobe’s layout by adding both the large (one at a time) and small (in the sets of four) optional shelves. Further fine tuning is possible by adjusting the shelf positions up or down in 2.5 inch increments. Its functionality is enhanced by the aesthetics of the all wood construction. 100% pine wood is beautiful, but to balance its knotty nature, wood veneer is used on large panels over solid wood boards. This gives it a silky smooth feel and a spot-free appeal. Available in three hand painted finishes it can match your interior or you can choose from other Palace Imports’ perfectly compatible furniture pieces.


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